The Collective Initiative

Pledging support

THE COLLECTIVE INITIATIVE IS dedicated to improving diversity in media around the globe. In order to continue the work we have started, training producers and content creators, attracting scholars and experts in global summits, advocacy for increasing opportunities for actors, directors, writers, producers and content creators we rely on broad support. There are numerous ways you can help our initiatives, join our social networks and newsletter, spark the conversation for improving diversity in media, spread the word about us to your networks, and of course you can contribute a donation to TCI. In whatever way you choose, we appreciate it and thank you in advance!

You may support TCI by making a donation to the work we do using the secure PayPal payment system. We would not be able to continue the work we have begun without your generous support. And from all corners of the world, many thanks and we look forward to you joining this important journey and doing even more with your help!