The Collective Initiative

Welcome to TCI


What is TCI?

THE COLLECTIVE INITIATIVE [TCI] - a non-profit organization is the natural transition and evolution of the successful launch of the Minority Independent Producers Summit held in June, 2014. During the summit, there were many international content creators in attendance who expressed the need and desire for a movement similar in nature for addressing the lack of diversity in media as well as providing support for underrepresented communities around the world. A month later, TCI was launched, committed to giving a voice to those around the globe.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is advocating for an increase of diversity in media globally whilst providing education, recognition, resources and opportunities for underrepresented independent producers and content creators such as those of color, women, lgbt and those with disabilities around the world in film, television and digital media industries.

  • Our Goals

    Serve as a global platform in "raising a collective voice' on state of diversity in media today and providing a sounding board for solutions for change

    Provide forums for information sharing, networking and collaborating for those individuals and companies involved in the creation, development, production and distribution of film, television and digital online content.

    Provide support for independent producers and content creators in getting their products to market

    Provide education, tools, resources, co-production and funding opportunities around the world

    Breaking the distribution blockade and increasing distribution for content featuring stories and cast from underrepresented communities around the world

  • Locations

    The Collective Initiative strives to encompass all corners of the world. Currently, we have consolidated to three major locations, listed below:

    New York City - Global Headquarters

    Asia Pacific Region

    Europe & Africa Region

  • The TCI Logo

    Our logo has a significant meaning as it is an African symbol of support, cooperation and encouragement. It is our belief, that through support, cooperation and encouragement we can "collectively" become a change agent for increasing diversity in media whilst providing greater access and support for underrepresented independent producers and content creators such as those of color, women, lgbt and the disabled around the globe.